A growing eatery in the heart of the city right when you enter the lal chowk crossing the budshah bridge. Jhelum celebrates Kashmir, highlighting it’s design sense, it’s food & culture, it’s hospitality and a surprising continental fusion for your tongues.

Jhelum is a two storey wonder with a colorful and artistic cafe on the top floor which welcomes you to a graceful fine dine restaurant in the basement. We call our kitchen “The Kitchen Factory” which brings out the best unique and innovative dishes to your table, made of fresh and clean raw materials. Dishes like Harrisa Pizza , The Wazwan Platter, Kosher Burger, Kanti Wraps will fill your heart and belly and keep Kashmir Happy as it always should be.

Every inch inside the cafe will make you feel Kashmir as you see the Jhelum river pass by. The cafe gives an excellent view of the river along with significant Kashmiri architecture and buildings. The existential thought of the JC is inspired from the Jhelum river itself and works everyday to be as impactful and have a reach beyond borders which flows beautifully with calmness and make you happy.

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