With the onset of COVID pandemic lives were disturbed all around the world, people felt trapped, unable to continue their routine life, unable to go out for work, education or any social event. Pandemic completely disturbed the social life of people, but for Bazilla, a young entrepreneur from Kashmir, pandemic proved to be a bliss in disguise  providing her with ample time to pursue her lifelong dream.

At just 21 years of age, Bazilla is running her business of confectionery and bakery items, which she sells through her Instagram page “Sugar_n_Smiles”. During the lock-down when shops were closed, Internet was the best platform for people like Bazilla to not only pursue her dream but also to hone their skill set. 

“It has been 1.5 years since I started baking and bringing sweet joy to the people all around. When I think about it, the pandemic was the perfect time for people to realize their dreams. With nothing but time in my hands I learnt the diverse art that goes into baking and am now sharing it with the world”

Bazilla always had an inclination towards baking and preparing sweets, she would YouTube new recipes and with time master them.  With  a positive mindset of utilizing her time for good she not only set up her dream business  but also made her parents proud.

“My work not only provides contentment to me, but most importantly it brings pride and happiness to my parents.My business is still growing and whatever money I make, I invest it all back, by buying new equipment and utensils to further solidify my art”


For Bazila, the quality of her product and on time delivery is the key to her success.She uses natural ingredients in her products and spends most of her free time learning and crafting new products. The response she gets after each successful delivery boosts her morale and keeps her going.

“As of now I have not invested any money in advertising and my business is growing by word of mouth only,many times  different restaurant owners of Srinagar approach me after tasting my product and offer me a full time job, but as of now I am focused on creating my own brand” says Bazilla.

“Opportunity is always there even in chaos”,  with this mindset, Bazilla started her journey. Her online business is just the first step, next she wants to set up a confectionery and bakery shop,not only to sell her product to a larger audience but  also to teach the ambitious artists of the valley who want to try their skill.


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