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Kashmir’s Winter Delicacy ‘Smoked Fish’

Kashmir’s  Winter Delicacy ‘Smoked Fish’

The valley of Kashmir is known for its seasons. Every season brings with it its own beauty and traditional delicacies that the local people love and cherish. Winter is perhaps the season of indulgence in Kashmir. With the outside temperatures going below zero degrees, the locals prepare several delicacies to keep themselves warm. Traditional foods […]

Delicious Kashmiri Recipe – Smoked Fish with Haak

Delicious Kashmiri Recipe – Smoked Fish with Haak

  Pharre te haakh (Smoked Fish with Spinach) Recipe One of the many Kashmiri classics is ‘pharre te haakh’. The recipe is as traditional as ‘haakh te gaade’ but instead of just plain good old fish(gaade), pharre are used. Steps: Clean the smoked fish or pharre in lukewarm water as delicately as possible so as […]