Coffee shops are no longer just conventional eateries where you may grab a sandwich or a cappuccino on your way to work! Cafes have become everyone’s favorite hangout spots for catching up with coworkers or friends, or spending some alone time reading or writing a novel! People even conduct business at their favorite cafes for hours on end each day.

So what makes people come to a cafe time and time again, aside from a very engaging menu and, of course, outstanding service? It’s the cafe’s interior design! People prefer spending time at fashionable coffee shops with distinct themes or important concepts, such as a vintage cafe where they may snap Instagram-worthy images with their buddies.

Here is a list of three uniquely theme based cafes in Srinagar

1 Winterfell Cafe

This neat looking cafe is located near the banks of Dal lake, the old wood carved seating provides a medieval vibe as people claim the Iron Throne by snapping a picture or two of course. The quality of their food compliments the overall decoration of the place, making it a perfect hangout spot.  Game of thrones has earned the name of being one of the top rated TV shows in all of history, and for the fans of the show this cafe is no less than a delight. 


2 Central Perk 

The fandom of 90s hit sitcom FRIENDS far exceeds the shackles of time.Even after 18 years of the last episode being aired, the show is still fresh in the memories of Millennial and even Gen Z is catching up to it. Located at Naseembagh road is a cafe called Central perk, and every fan of the show recognizes this name as the place where Ross met Racheall. The menu of the restaurant is rich with all the usual suspects such as  Chicken schezwan, Tandoori Murgh, Afghani chicken and a number of pastas but the eye catcher for the fans are the Ross Sandwich, Monica’s Salad, Joeys Special pizza and other such items.

3 Kardeşler- The Kashmir Cafe

During the Covid pandemic,  Ertugul or Resurrection Ertugrul, a hit Turkish TV show, gained popularity in Kashmir and gained a fan following of people from every age group. Kardesler is themed on this very show and is located at Downtown Srinagar. The restaurant provides a vibe from the TV show for its fans and the menu has Middle eastern dishes, Turkish dishes, India Mughlai cuisine and much more to offer. If you like the aesthetics and aroma of Medieval times this place is a must visit. 


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