Kashmir, known for its beauty and food, is a place where restaurant culture is still evolving. The diversity of the food served in Kashmir ranges from Sushi to pizza, the authentic wazwan to french food, a mixture of both authentic traditional food and internationally influenced food, it’s all available. Most of these restaurants serve a hybrid of vegetarian, and non vegetarian food, but some restaurants present in Srinagar offer 100% vegetarian food.
Here is the list of three such places that serve pure vegetarian delights.

1 Krishna Vaishno Bhojanalaya

Krishna Vaishno Bhojanalya goes by the name of Krishna Dhaba, is a place that needs no introduction for the food lovers across India. Set up in early 1937,the dhaba has been up and running for more than 80 years. Serving its customers with a variety of vegetarian dishes from South Indian to Chinese and much more.The dhaba is open 7 days a week from 8am to 10 pm. Locally famous for its Dal Makhni, this place is always jam-packed, satisfying the taste buds of a diverse range of customers. With a seating capacity of 12 tables and more than 50 delicacies to choose from, Krishna dhaba makes sure that every one of its customers is served a satisfying meal.

2: Mrs. veg kitchen

Located across the iconic Chinar garden near Dal gate bridge, Mrs. Veg Kitchen stands tall with a three story building, providing its customers a captivating view and equally delightful food. The variety of vegetarian food served here is especially unique because of the Kashmiri vegetarian delicacies present in their menu, such as: Kashmiri Haakh, Kashmiri Naduru, Kadu Yakhni, and so on. From Samosas to a variety of vegetarian pizzas, their menu is well equipped to serve the unique taste every customer brings to the table. This eatery is open from 9am till 11 pm serving its customers local, national and International delicacies of vegetarian food.

3:Punjabi Darbar

Along the stretch of boulevard is a not-so humble vegetarian restaurant, Punjabi Darbar. Offering a diverse range of food and beverages, from South Indian to Punjabi, Gujarati and Jain food, the restaurant serves the cultural vegetarian food of mainland India in Kashmir. With its open air as well as indoor seating the customer can easily navigate to a table of his liking and enjoy a delicious meal with a touch of heartwarming breeze and scenery. This place is highly recommended for Punjabi food lovers.







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