Petpooja is a multi-platform restaurant management system that can be used both online and offline.  Creating a single-point software that handles all of your restaurant’s functions. Currently the app has listed  over 35,000 eateries in India, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa.

Petpooja is in charge of payments, billing, orders, menus, POS transactions, and more. Staff workers can use the application to receive and fulfill online orders, create invoices, and send them to consumers via text messages.

“Petpooja aims to help the FnB business of Kashmir by providing them with technological assistance both in firmware and software, thus helping the business to grow” Says Farman, operation manager of Peatpooja for Jammu and Kashmir.

Petpooja enables franchisees to manage fees, monitor operations across numerous locations, and track inventory by allowing them to view and generate data. Managers can also oversee daily activities, grant role-based access to data, and use reports and graphs to get insight into staff performance.

The services and gadgets provided by Petpooja are waiter calling devices, online order widgets, feedback management, captain ordering, and much more. In Kashmir, Morels and 14th Avenue are currently using the devices of Petpooja apart from Gatoes which also entertains a variety of services provided by Petpooja.

“The applications provided by Petpooja do help me in running my outlet “Eatalian”, it does make the management part easy and in future am planning to use the gadgets by Peatpooja as well” said Isar Mir, owner of Eatalian.

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