Mehak Siddiqui, Co-Founder of House of Habibi shares her views about the cafe she has recently started in Kashmir.

What started as a sheer love for food, constant look out for a new place to eat with a vibe that transports you to another city, another country if you will, gave birth to a thought to bring about a revolution in the current F&B industry in the valley of kashmir. That thought is House of Habibi.

We explored various cuisines , blended a few together and the one fusion that kept us wanting more was the mix of Kashmiri spices with signature middle eastern cuisine.

We garnished a few classic middle eastern cuisine with homegrown spices and herbs because for us being accepted by the palate of our patrons was of utmost importance and we could only achieve that by introducing a familiar taste that the valley was already acquainted with.

House of Habibi is not just about uplifting the cafe experience but also catering to the basic needs of a modern healthy cuisine. The house serves healthy food, it tastes good and that is truly the foodie in us being the judge of that.

House of Habibi is where we as founders would like to eat and that’s how we designed our menu and the cafe.

After understanding the branding and marketing aspect of the F&B industry for the past three years, we have carefully chosen every detail of designing the brand identity.

The idea behind branding House of Habibi was to keep everything in sync. Our interiors, cutlery , menu , marketing collaterals follow the same design direction.

As residents of paradise on earth, we are spoilt with the beauty of majestic mountains and blankets of green that adorn the whole city and that’s how we had to give a touch of that in our interiors. Our furniture is custom made to match the rustic vibe of the cafe, the lighting was chosen to bring to life a dim lit forest in the middle of nowhere hosting a culinary carnival!

We hope the house is everything the valley needs and more. House of Habibi is our way of giving back to the valley Kashmir and kickstart the much awaited cafe experience.



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