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Srinagar: If there is one thing that binds all Kashmiris together, it is love for food and when it comes to food, what can be better than cooking with ingredients right from your own backyard.

Koshur, a Kashmir Box Food initiative and Kashmir Food Lab present their inaugural food workshop and lunch at Studio Kilab.

Food enthusiast and home chef, Raheel Khursheed who recently organised a Kerala fundraiser dinner that was hosted by Chai Jai, will whip up some Italian delicacies with premium Kashmiri ingredients.

Mushkebudijj Risotto

The lunch menu includes delicacies like, Walnet Pesto chicken bites, Spaghetti in organic cherry tomato sauce, Mushkebuddij Gucci and Risotto with our Kaeshir cottage cheese.

Mushke Buddij is a fragrant Kashmiri short grain rice that works very well instead of Arborio. Kashmiri morels or Gucchi are uniquely nutty & meaty in flavour.

“Garnished with locally grown herbs, this combination makes for one of the most flavourful Risottos you will ever have,” says Raheel Khursheed.

If you are a food enthusiast, looking to try some delicious Italian cuisine, head over to Studio Kilab, Zakura on Sunday, 12:30 pm onwards and let your taste buds experience some delectable flavours.

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