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Who doesn’t crave a good burger once in a while or a perfectly done fried chicken?  No matter how disciplined we may be in our eating habits, fast food is something each one of us ends up craving for every now and then. 

Kashmir may not have the fast food giants like KFC or dominos but that hasn’t restricted our people from foraying into the fast food venture. With a number of restaurants serving fast food, one is always looking for new cafes and restaurants that might offer fast food even better than the ones already serving.

Hunger Club Tariff
Hunger Club Tariff

The latest venture to add to the list of fast food restaurants in town is ‘Hunger Club’. The restaurant which is opening on 16th of August, 2018 is a foodie’s dream to bring quality fast food to Srinagar.

With a chef who has spent time working both in KFC and Pizza Hut, the restaurant seems to have already raised the bar for fried chicken and pizza in Srinagar. The prices, which are comparatively lower than other fast food restaurants make it evident that the managers have taken special care to keep in mind the spending power of the general population.

Hunger Club Tariff
Hunger Club Tariff

Location: Rajbagh, Extension, Opp.Hotel K2 Inn.

Owner: Mr. Tariq Hyder

Contact: 7006728717

Specialities: Pizza & Fried Chicken


  • Free Shake on a bill of Rs 500
  • 15% off on 1 pan pizza and 1 regular pizza
  • Free mojito on a bill of Rs 400

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