As the world stood still and witnessed the biggest crisis of the century, a bunch of youngsters, feeling the immediate need of the hour, came forward to lend a helping hand to society. “Khyen Chyen” had a chance to interact with one such dynamic individual who offered home delivery of essentials and groceries all around Srinagar city.

Talib Farooq, an engineer by education and a realtor by profession, took the initiative of starting “Ghar Baazar”; a start-up which was modelled to fetch groceries and other essential commodities along with medicines and deliver them at people’s doorsteps. Talib informs us that he underwent a training organized by the Disaster Management Department and was all set to take on this daunting but satisfying task. Fully equipped in a PPE kit, he would source fresh vegetables and fruits, take them home, clean and wash them thoroughly to ensure the safety of his clients. Following all safety measures as provided by the administration was always a top priority while functioning. He would request his clients to keep a basket ready for a minimal contact delivery process. Sometimes, he would be assisted by few of his friends on this noble adventure and at times they had to carry out the deliveries on foot, particularly when they were required to go into a red zone where plying of vehicles was restricted. “It was not a time to make money and seek profit. It was time to help one another and extend support to the community”, says Talib who had a tough time convincing his mother who was understandably worried for her son’s safety and well-being. Our services helped the elderly, families with infants and the most vulnerable lot to stay at home safe while we would carry out grocery shopping which seemed like a rather intimidating task in these trying times. Now that the lockdown is being partially lifted in stages, Talib goes back to his real estate office in Lal Chowk reminiscing of days gone by. “I earned respect and appreciation from my clients and in the eyes of the society, who valued my dedication and hard work during this Pandemic Lockdown and at the end of the day that’s all that matters”, says a content Talib who did his bit to contribute towards building a better tomorrow.

– “Tanya Rigzin”

SOURCE: - "Tanya Rigzin"

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