Relishing tradition with a mouthful of Flavors

By Muneeb Naqeeb

Paan has been around in South Asia for two thousand years now with new flavors being added to recipes every day. Millions of outlets spread across the subcontinent that serve Paan in traditional and contemporary styles. However, Srinagar was yet to relish the taste of Paan locally for all these years and taste buds of her inhabitants yet to explode with its sweet aura and aroma.

Kamil Fayaz took upon himself to gift Srinagar her first traditional Paan counter. After months of extensive research and sourcing, Srinagar’s first Authentic Banarsi Paan shop, “Mast Banaras Paan” was inaugurated this month. Located at Munawarabad in the heart of the city, the aim of the shop is to cater the appeal and fascination for betel leaf that extends all across the country. The outlet serves multiple variants of Paan like Fire Paan, Mango Paan , Oreo Paan, Chocolate Paan beside the traditional variants like Meetha Paan.

Kamil,  a known face in Srinagar who runs the famous “Cash & Carry” store elaborated on how he encountered the idea of such a venture, “I was at a friend’s wedding a while back and he had ordered Paan all the way from Delhi for his guests as an after-meal treat. I saw this as an opportunity to introduce this luxurious delight in Kashmir”.

The outlet caters a variety of non-tobacco Paan along with shakes and mocktails. “I wanted a family-friendly Paan shop in Kashmir, where Families along with their children and friends can enjoy this delightful treat” added Kamil.

“The response has been overwhelming and we have been receiving orders for weddings in huge numbers. I am delighted to see that the tradition of serving Paan is being picked up in Srinagar weddings and other gatherings.”

To make the experience authentic, Kamil has tied up with The Banarasi Paan Shop Franchise. The whole stock and the company-trained Paan Makers have come directly from Uttar Pradesh where the Paan is a part and parcel of life. They are well trained to make and maintain the quality of Banarasi Paan while delivering a unique experience to the Kashmiri consumer.

Visit the outlet for a unique experience with your family. Khyen Chyen team recommends Fire Paan, Smoke Paan and traditional Meetha Paan.

Mast Banaras Paan

Munawarabad, Srinagar

SOURCE: By Muneeb Naqeeb

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