Nizam at Raj Bagh Srinagar is turning out to be a popular hangout for people across Srinagar. Conceptualized by Salikeen, Mubarakeen and Huma, the outlet offers the flavors of Old Delhi in her entirety. The restaurant has sourced chefs from Old Delhi Jama Masjid which adds to the authenticity of all its signature dishes. 

The outlet was opened in pre-pandemic era, however due to multiple lockdowns the place could not pick pace. Nizam has now relaunched with extra zeal and vigor.  “Our other venture is named Creamery, and there we serve, Shakes, Salads, Smoothies” said Salikeen, one of the owners. Speaking of how authentic the culinary experience is, Salikeen said, “For Nizams, we have Chef Israil and Chef Dilawar, from Purani Delhi Jamia Masjid. For Creamery, we have Mr.Tauseef, a trained barista from Chandigarh.”                                       

Mr. Salikeen has been a connoisseur of food since childhood. “We would hang out in restaurants a lot; growing up, so much so that I can say with certainty that there is hardly a restaurant in Srinagar where-in I have not been over a dozen times already.”

Do checkout Nizam at Raj Bagh Srinagar. Khyen Chyen team recommends their Rolls and Biryani.


SOURCE: By KC Desk       

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