Frizzle is a new venture by two young graduates in the heart of Downtown, Srinagar. Known among locals for its quality food, Frizzle also has a unique takeout packaging. The box that your food comes in, is tailored as per your likelihood and even the nametags on the packaging stands out. The Chef at Frizzle has been working in the culinary industry for years. With a seasoned Chef and creative outlook, the outlet shows promise in becoming the next sensation in Downtown.

Frizzle is also equipping itself to make authentic pizza, the only restaurant in the Valley that would make its Pizzas in a charcoal tandoor, the delicacy is known as Frizza, the place is a must visit for food lovers.

Next time you have some work, around downtown, Srinagar, do remember to check out Frizzle, our recommendation, try the Shawarma and Frizza. It might give your taste buds chills.


Frizzle, Baripora, Nawakadal, Srinagar

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