As the trend for fitness and keeping oneself salubrious is gaining popularity in Kashmir, the demand for organic food and unadulterated beverages is on a steep rise. With Extracts in town, first of its kind juice bar, the thirst of Srinagarites for fresh juices is being satiated.

Extracts provide many palatable, salutary beverages; packed with loads of beneficial nutrients. The juice bar is located at Rajbagh, Srinagar, and is also well-liked for its savory shakes and piquant salads. Javaid Ahmad, the owner of this establishment says: “We do not use any preservatives, flavors, or pulp syrup in the preparation of any of our juices. Our customers enjoy the beverages as per their needs and preferences. The juices we serve carry great health benefits in them, like; Grapefruit, Kiwi fruit, Berries, and Apples are good for burning fat, similarly, Oranges, Water Mellon, Pineapple is good for ones’ skin.” With two outlets in the city; one at Radio-Colony Jawahar Nagar, and the other at Rajbagh, the juice bar is booming.  The fruits at Extracts are imported fresh, directly from Delhi. Extracts is toying with the taste buds of its clients every day. The juice bar has six well-trained chefs to serve you the best organic beverages, and you, the customer has total control over what goes into the making of juice. Check out their space at Raj Bagh and relish the famed Custard with Watermelon Juice.


Rajbagh, Srinagar

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