By Muneeb Naqeeb.

Marriages are a grand affair in Kashmir and a quintessential part of life in this part of the world. Weddings pose a challenge at multiple levels, biggest of which comes at catering to the guests. This deep examination of the culinary practice(s) and the humility of your server is tested more intensely in the valley.

You see, Kashmir loves its food and its Dastarkhwan service to such an extent that historically this land-locked Paradise has always been famous for its hospitality (and its natural appeal), and it still is.

When it comes to the masters of catering, one name outshines the rest of them here in Kashmir, and it does so, almost with the greatest of ease: Hotel Royal Batoo.

With the fabled Dal Lake at walkable distance where the vistas of the Zabarwan Mountain Range are awaiting your arrival to take you to a place beyond the clouds, the charm and the ambiance of the Hotel Royal Batoo instantly leads the guests to a state of delight. This majestic hotel is a one-family operation and is owned, collectively, by three brothers; Zahoor Ahmad Batoo,  Yaqoob Ahmad Batoo, and  Altaf Ahmad Batoo. “Stay with us; feel like home.” with this as the motto, you know that the service is par quality.

Hotel Royal Batoo has a history of catering to weddings. The Chef who prepares your meal in the immaculate kitchen at Hotel Batoo; has been a professional Chef for over a dozen years (and counting). If you are there not to hire their unparalleled catering services and are in there for a meal, we highly recommend a dish and a beverage; Chicken-Kanti, and Kehwa. You will have never had a meal this fine.  Soon, Hotel Royal Batoo is opening in Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, and Ladakh. Do go and enjoy an early dinner or late lunch at the place.

Royal Batoo, Khayyam, Srinagar

SOURCE: By Muneeb Naqeeb.

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