Of Walnuts & Almonds

Amin Bin Khalik owner of the shop with the same name says, there were not very high quality dry fruit stores 50 years back in Srinagar and when he came up with the thought of opening one. The products from Kashmir, that are 100% pure and real for example saffron have always been in demand but finding quality has been a challenge for the buyers. He says he sells only brand Kashmir grown only on this land.

Shop is located at the iconic ‘Polo View’ market in Srinagar.


What all products are sold at ABK?

Walnuts, Almonds, Saffron and Honey comprises of the main products. According to ABK, shop buys Apricots from Kargil, Saffron from Pampore and Honey from Ganderbal. “We also have our own honey farms now from where we source honey and we also have a small land where we produce saffron”.

“We also source products from different regions outside Kashmir, like Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran and we get dates from Arabia.”

Are your products available online?

Because of conflict the business has suffered a lot, but to make sure that we do consistent business with our clients worldwide, and the clients that want our products on a very regular basis we thought of introducing our online portal www.abkglobal.net. Domestically the online business has flourished a lot and since last few years we have grown internationally also. We are mostly exporting to Gulf but also small quantities to France, Switzerland and USA. 

What is a one “must buy” product?

Black Guchchi. We also have world’s best and finest saffron, we have very sweet “mamra” variety of almonds produced in Kashmir, honey is the third product that is a must buy for tourist and locals but our signature product is the Black Guchchi of Kashmir. This is a variety of mushroom known worldwide but produced in Kashmir. This is a prime product that is picked by renowned chefs worldwide.

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