When day ends and night falls and its quiet and you can see the stars. On the foot hills of Zabarwan hills and few kilometers from the famous Mughal garden. Nadis is a modern Kashmir House, inspired by the picturesque alpine landscape and rich heritage of Kashmir culture. We are at Harwan Village, just opposite the public garden.
Ask any Kashmiri about Harwan. It’s green, it’s quiet, it’s close to all best things in Srinagar.
The major draw of the Harwan Village is its natural loveliness and charm. With greenery in the backdrop of snowy environment in the winter and all green summer days, it is the gateway to Dachi Gam Wildlife sanctuary and a beginning point of a Mahadev Mountain trek.

Our Place is just like your place but better.
We don’t have restaurant, we have dining room.
We don’t have lobby, we have living room.
We don’t have courtyard we have garden (ok, it’s big garden).

Our thing is to keep it simple and do things well and make everybody happy.
We want you to walk away feeling like part of our family and come back many times more.

So stop by, become one of the family, and enjoy some fantastic locally produced food.

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