SRINAGAR —  ME’n’U Café inaugurated its first outlet in Munawarabad area of Srinagar City in presence of large gathering on Saturday.

The café’ is owned by the Srinagar based lawyer, Mehvish Zargar, her business partners Yasir Altaf and Imtiyaz Rashid.

Srinagar enjoys its bunch of trendy cafes, with the youth asking for more from the capital city of heavenly country, in terms of the things they can do outside of their classrooms. There are fewer establishments that could make one’s teenage child, or middle aged parents feel entirely at home, and Me n U café is just one of those places.

Srinagar enjoys its bunch of trendy cafes, with the youth asking for more from the capital city of heavenly country

Comprising of an assortment of continental cuisine, the café is usually extremely vibrant, and plays host to a multitude of demographics. “I wanted to run a place where all age groups could enjoy. Which is why our customers come from a cross section of age groups,” says Mehvish.

Mehvish seems to relish the life of a restaurateur and sees herself completely occupied by the functioning of her establishment.What M n U café also represents is a paradigm shift in Kashmiri Business ownership. A woman of substance, Mehvish owns and runs the establishment in a City where women have just begun shedding traditional gender roles. “I do get a lot of trolls targeting me on Facebook and other parts of the internet, asking me to stick to my gender roles. But

I don’t let all the hate bother me. In fact, I’d expected a lot more hate than I’m currently getting,” she confessed.Undeterred, Mehvish moves on to realise her dream of  opening a second outlet in the City soon.

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